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Learning objectives

The participants of the BEST+ blended staff week will:

  1. learn new ways of looking at and managing students’ problems and helping students to find solutions for a better mobility experience;
  2. be able to recognise the importance of using an appropriate language to communicate successfully with students and partner institutions;
  3. get knowledge why humans have a fundamental need to belong to groups and how it can be used to enhance student experience;
  4. get familiarized with the latest statistics on students’ use of internet/social media and how they influence their experience during studies;
  5. find out about useful and easy to implement practices on how to use social media to disseminate students’ positive experience;
  6. be able to draft and implement a strategy for an integration of international students into local communities;
  7. get an awareness regarding how the cooperation with student organisations help to enhance student experience;
  8. get an insight into student perspective of the mobility exchange.

Practical information

Dear participants,

Welcome to the Blended Erasmus+ Training on the international student experience.

This training combines eLearning (virtual content) and a 3-day event (physical training) in Lodz, Poland.

A draft programme of the physical training can be found here



The training team will consist of the following:

Karolina Adamiak, International Relations Officer, University of Lodz,

Katarzyna Ciupa, International Relations Officer, University of Lodz,

Weronika Ćmielewska, International Relations Officer, University of Lodz,

Inês Moreira, Trainer, Erasmus Student Network,

Rasmus Benke-Åberg, Director, Erasmus Student Network,


Course activities

  1. Case study: student experience in the UK


    The UK publication Supporting and Enhancing the Experience of International Students in the UK (The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education 2015, attached below) outlines three main aspects of international student experience:

    • Marketing, recruitment and admission;
    • Arrival, orientation and
  2. International friendliness of universities


    In the previous assignment we looked at student experience from the universities' side. In this assignment we will look at it from the students' perspectives.

    Below you can find a survey report called "The International Friendliness of Universities". It was done by the Erasmus Student Network in

  3. Let’s make it go viral! Introduction


    The Internet has become an essential part of our lives – both on professional and private level. There are various trends that are especially visible within the younger generation – among them, for example, a rising amount of time is spent browsing the Internet. Those age groups were born when the

  4. BEST+ Webinar: Let’s make it go viral!

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    This is the second webinar for the BEST+ training in Lodz.

    Please make sure to be ready a few minutes before the start, to make sure that everything works well. Also, please have with you notes that you prepared within the task - we will discuss your findings.

    If you missed the webinar, you can

  5. Visualization of students’ mobility


    Please describe your view on how students visualize their mobility, what they wish to experience, what they expect and what they are afraid of. Please prepare a short writing (15-20 sentences). The aim of the task is to prepare the basis for discussion during the physical training in Lodz. As an

  6. Effective communication


    Basic communication skills are necessary for successful interaction, both with students and partner institutions. To get a wider view on the topic of effective communication, please read two articles: “Effective Communication leads to Understanding” by Vince Fitzpatrick and “Effective e-mail

  7. Difficult situations


    Being responsible for international students at your institution, you assist them during the process of admission for studies, preparing appropriate documents, finalizing their stay and other. Nevertheless, it is common that you face situations that require non-standard student service, which

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