Let’s make it go viral! Introduction



The Internet has become an essential part of our lives – both on professional and private level. There are various trends that are especially visible within the younger generation – among them, for example, a rising amount of time is spent browsing the Internet. Those age groups were born when the world was already “online” and it is natural for them to function in that way. That affects the way they communicate with everyone, including higher education institutions. And, at the same time, it creates a challenge for HEI’s to adjust their communication to the demands of their clients, that is, students.


The activity comprises four tasks (please keep the order):

1. Think about internet and social media. How popular – in your opinion – are they nowadays? How many people use them? Is internet used mostly through computers (laptops, etc.) or smartphones? How much time people spend online? Please write down your thoughts.

2. Check the pdf file with infographics with latest statistics about internet usage. Are you surprised with the results? Why, or why not?

3. Think about your university's communication with students: Can you name all the social media that your university uses? Don't check it, just write down names of portals/apps that you think your institution uses.

4. Please make a research about the social media your university uses to communicate with students. How many did you get right? Are there more, or fewer than you thought? Please write down all portals/apps that you found. Are they run in English or your local language (or maybe both)?

May 14, 15:00–16:30 (CET) (see here)