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University of Lodz

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From 140€ to 175€

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Stefan Jahnke -

The Blended Erasmus+ Training in Lodz is part of the BEST+ course on international student experience and combines eLearning and a 3-day event in the wonderful city of Lodz, Poland. Our experts from the Erasmus Student Network and the University of Lodz offer a combination of networking, peer-learning, training and social activities. You will learn about different aspects of international student experience from both an institutional and a student perspective.

Physical Training

Tuesday, 22/05/2018 - Thursday, 24/05/2018

Virtual Training

Tuesday, 2/05/2018 - Monday 23/05/2018

Target Group:
Staff members at Higher Education institutions working with international students e.g. staff working in international relation office, student services etc.

Find more information and register for the event on the external website:


Day 1 - 22/05/2018


Introduction - get to know each other & Introduction to the topic

Reflections on virtual course content


Building connections & Trust with international students

Student Organisations & the benefit of student volunteers


Social Dinner

Day 2 - 23/05/2018


Welcoming international students

Buddy system and how to stay in touch with  int. students after their return home

How to transform the IRO to be more efficient


Social activities in Lodz

Day 3 - 24/05/2018


Integrating international students in the local community

Digital Erasmus+ administration

Action-plan building & wrap-up




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Lodz, Poland

Lodz is a postindustrial, vibrant student city located in the heart of Poland. Being third biggest city in the country it used to be the home of the Polish textile industry and the reminiscent of the prosperous past are visible through its architecture. The heritage of the city can be seen in the Central Textile Museum, called White Factory

The heart of the city is famous Piotrkowska street – a pedestrian zone, full of clubs, restaurants and shops that is a perfect place for going out. OFF Piotrkowska located just next to the street is an old cotton factory turned into a place for the development of culture, art and creative business,piotrkowska-street.html?id=5

Art lovers will be astonished by the abundance of murals by most prominent street artists scattered around the city

Museum of Art has a vast collection of paintings, sculpture and spatial objects, drawings, graphics, photography and visual arts of XX and XXI century

Lodz is also a great place for shopping with its impressive Manufaktura complex. Once the biggest textile factory in the city, it has been converted into a shopping and entertainment centre

University of Lodz

United in Diversity!

The University of Lodz is a responsible higher education institution, focusing its actionson intercultural and social integration.

There are 95 nationalities currently studying at the University of Lodz. Our University builds academic community around the values of respect for cultural, religious and community identities as well as social sensitivity. UL strives to educate active global citizens who think critically, understand the complexity and the diversity of perspectives which underline most global problems.

The University of Lodz was established in 1945 and has long been one of the biggest and most popular universities in Poland. The 12 faculties, and a branch unit of the University provide programmes in 90 fields of study and 160 specializations. In addition, the University offers several doctoral programmes, more than 50 postgraduate study programmes (including an MBA programme, and those financed by the ESF), as well as studies in English, French, German and Spanish. More than 32 000 students attend the University of Lodz. This figure includes students of all levels: those of first- and second level degree programmes, as well as postgraduate, and PhD students.

Each year there are over 2000 international students studying full time or within exchange programs at the University of Lodz! We hear a lot of languages in the halls of the University. Thus, a diverse multicultural and multigenerational community is built, drawing on the best traditions of the city of Lodz. International students often take part in different activities that originated at the University of Lodz within its “University Diversity” project. The main goal is to promote equality and intercultural dialogue, and to build strong and lasting relations based on diversity. Join Us! Unite and exceL!

The interest in studying at the University of Lodz is determined not only by high quality of instruction, but also by modern programmes of study adapted to the changing demands of the labour market. The University treats international cooperation as a way to foster its development and continue the city’s tradition. Our institution regularly hosts guest speakers, renowned politicians, businessmen and cultural representatives from Poland and abroad.

Travel & Hotels

Located in the center of Poland, Łódź is easily accessible by all means of transport:

By plane:

• to Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport

and then by bus, service 88A or 88B to Lodz Fabryczna station and then change to tram, line 12A or 12B (get off in Pomorska Street, at the “Matejki”, “Lumumby”, or “Konstytucyjna” stop – depending on your dormitory).

• to Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport and then: by rail link, bus (service 175) or taxi to Warszawa Centralna Train Station (and then by train to Lodz), or by bus directly from the airport to Lodz.

• to Warsaw Modlin Airport and then directly to Łódź Kaliska Bus Station by “Modlinbus” or: by rail link*to Warsaw Downtown (and then by train or inter-city bus to Lodz).

* wait to validate the ticket when the train starts, as it’s valid for a specific number of minutes, rather than whole trip.

By train

frequent and fast connections with Warsaw (travel time: about 90 minutes), and with other cities in Poland Łódź currently has five railway stations: the central station Łódź Fabryczna (bus no. 58 and tram no. 12 link directly to UL Campus), the Warsaw-bound Łódź Widzew situated in the East of town, Łódź Chojny in the South, Łódź Żabieniec in the North, Łódź Kaliska, located in the Central-West part of the city (trams: no. 10, 12, 14; buses: 80, 99; tram no. 12 goes directly to the Campus). Note that, at present, the PKP is no longer the only railway operator. So, when you are buying a ticket, always say the time of departure, to be sure you get the correct operator’s ticket (major operators are: TLK, InterRegio and PKP Intercity).

By inter-city bus

to Łódź Kaliska Bus Station From Łódź Kaliska to the University

Campus you can take tram service no. 12 (direction Stoki).


There is a wifi free of charge at Chopin Airport and Lodz Airport. Also next to Warszawa Zachodnia cashier desk you can connect with WIFI.

Buses usually have wifi on board.

Currency and payments

Polish currency is Polish Zloty, often abbreviated by PLN or zl. 1 EUR is about 4 PLN. You can get the money from the ATM or exchange office at the airport.

In most places you can pay by card.

The taxi companies that operate from the Chopin airport all accept payments by card. However, not all taxi companies in Lodz accept them.

Ticket machines at Chopin airport accept cards.

Intercity trains also accept cards.

TAXI in Warsaw

There are three taxi corporations that are recommended by the Chopin airport:

Taxi corporations

Name Telephone WWW
ELE SKY TAXI +48 22 811 11 11
SUPER TAXI +4822 578 98 00
SAWA TAXI +48 22 644 44 44

For safety reasons you are strongly advised to use licensed taxi services offered at Chopin Airport. Taxi tariffs should be clearly displayed in the car window. 
The taxi fare from the airport to the city centre is approx. 40 PLN.

There are very often other taxi drivers at the airport asking people if they need a taxi. Just say “no” and go outside and there should be people in yellow vests that help to get one of the recommended taxis.

More information on rates and emblems of licensed taxis in Warsaw can be found here:

On the website you can check the maximum fares, as well there is a list of all licensed taxi companies in Warsaw.

TAXI in Lodz

When you arrive in Lodz use only licensed taxi services that belong to corporations and are marked with the emblem of the city. They wait in front of airport, train and bus station). Some of them below:

Bus and tram tickets in Lodz

The website of the company is

The timetables are different for work days, Saturday (sobota) and Sunday (niedziela). Trams are in service until midnight and at later hours they are not so frequent.

The 20 minute ticket costs 2,80 PLN and permits changes (40 min costs 3,6 and 60 minute costs 4,40). Ticket for the entire day costs 11 PLN.

Always validate the ticket after you enter the bus or tram. There will be an hour printed on your ticket and its validity will extend for the given time period. Day ticket is valid until 23:59 of the same day when it was validated. Time tickets permit changes. Tickets can be bought in newsagents, small shops, in machines located next to the most popular stops or in buses and trams in the first carriage. The machines in the vehicles accept only cards.



Upscale options

Andel’s **** (about 100 euro/night)

  • Very good location in the Manufaktura shopping and entertainment centre. Many restaurants nearby.

DoubleTree by Hilton **** (around 100 euro/night)

  • 15 min walk to Piotrkowska street


Average cost options

Stare Kino (around 55 euro/night)

  • Very good location close to the famous Piotrkowska street and Fabryczna trail station
  • New hotel with soul - 22 film apartments inspired by most popular polish movies and serials

Novotel Lodz Centrum **** (around 75 euro/night)

  • Very good location close to the famous Piotrkowska street
  • New hotel

Ambasador Centrum **** (around 70 euro/night)

Campanile *** (around 60 euro/night)

  • Very good location close to the famous Piotrkowska street


Budget options

Boutique Hotel’s  (around 35 euro/night)

  • Good location

  • Very good location close to the famous Piotrkowska street


Ibis Lodz Centrum ** (around 40 euro/night)

  • Great location next to Novotel, across the street from Piotrkowska
  • Simple business hotel

B&B Hotel ** (around 50 euro/night)

  • Good location
  • New hotel

Grand Hotel *** (around 40 euro/night)

  • Great location in the heart of Piotrkowska street
  • Interiors a bit outdated