Welcome to the Blended Mobility portal, your gateway to a new mobility format. Our mission is to empower students and Higher Education Institutions to easily find and share Blended Intensive Programmes all in one place!

What are Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs)?


BIPs are a mobility format available in the Erasmus+ programme. They are short, intensive programmes which combine short term physical mobility with a virtual component. 

Aims of BIPs:

These programmes allow to build capacity for developing and implementing innovative teaching and learning practices in the participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). For instance it may include challenge based learning where transnational and transdisciplinary teams work together to tackle challenges. 

They aim at reaching all types of students from all backgrounds, study fields and cycles through a flexible learning formal. 

Who are we? 

The pilot platform was conceptualised and developed by members of the European University Foundation and is operated by the University of Porto. Our goal is to support the European Higher Education community by sharing information on BIPs with students and between institutions. The platform is free of use for Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education holders and their students.